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Bridge City Cycles is a full service repair facility. We can work with classic, vintage and modern motorcycles.

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If your bike went down, tank is dented, or your paint and bodywork is just plain cracked and fading, we’ve got you covered with our professional custom paint, pin-striping

and body repair services.


Vintage Japanese motorcycles, we work on them… a lot of them. We can repair or rebuild almost anything on them, and we can get you pretty much anything you need for them.

We offer mounting and balancing services. We carry Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, IRC, Continental, Avon, Vee Rubber, Firestone, Coker,  Shinko, Cheng Shin and many more…


We can get a hold of a ton of different aftermarket and OEM parts for your HD, and a specialist on staff to handle all of your American iron needs.

Frame modifications, custom stainless steel exhaust… or just making cool stuff out of metal.. we can do that for you.

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We have all the tools, OEM and aftermarket parts, and the knowledge to service your vintage Triumph, whether it’s a simple fork seal change, full engine overhaul, or you’re looking to bolt or weld on a hard tail frame…we’ve got you covered, even with modern Triumphs too!


We have an in-house Bridgeport mill with all the goodies, a few lathes, and CNC that can handle custom machining, as well as boring, honing, and Harley Davidson crank building services.

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